16.12.2006fadeOS V3.04 is there. due to a new copy protection, i am able to reduce the shipping costs massively. read more...
17.06.2006New version: Localized editor and a new fadeOS-version for your Peavey StudioMix. A lot of new features and also a lot of fixed bugs. read more...
17.06.2006English Homepage released

fadeOS - Upgrade for your 'Peavey StudioMix'

StudioMix-Controller new StudioMix-Editor

Expansion for the Peavey StudioMix-MIDI-Controller. With this new combination of editor-program (running under Microsoft Windows (TM)) and a new controller chip, you can simply assign new messages to the faders, knobs and buttons of your StudioMix. Faders, rotary transducers and buttons now send and receive your own MIDI messages. Use it with every sequencer or other MIDI capable device.

More Informations about fadeOS...

PROJEKT OS JX-3P - New Firmware for Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

At this time: Only technical informations about internals of the Roland JX-3P-Synthesizer, only in german language.

6MB-Memory-Expansion for the Yamaha Sampler TX16W

Build yourself a 6MB-Memory-Expansion for your Yamaha TX-16W, although some informations about improving the display contrast...

GPIB (IEEE-488) Interface for Hitachi VC-6x65 Oscilloscope

An Interface and the appropriate software to connect a DSO with a PC's COM-Port. Useful, if you want to copy oscillograms into your documentations.