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Starting from version 2.0 storing and loading of as many as desired configurations is possible. The configuration files stored by the old version are compatible to version 3.0, one can use it further without problems. Version 1.0 saved its data into the registry, since version 2.0 the XML standard is used. Configurations can be send by email and be offered in the internet for download.

If you already created configuration files, which you would like to make available to other users, send them to my email address. They will be linked into the download section of my webpage. Tell me if you would like to publish your name and your email address or if you want to stay anonymous.

Default configuration file 'studiomix.xml'

Default configuration file (14.01.2004)

configuration files from other users

MC Emulator 2 Author: Manfred Lange
Date: 04.01.2004
Homepage: http://home.snafu.de/petrosil/index.html
Info: developed for Cubase SX...
Cubase SX 2.2 generic controller Author: Dirk Amelung
Date: 25.05.2004
Homepage: -
Info: more informations (in german) in the pdf-file, which ist part of the ZIP-archive.

Many thanks to all users who deciced to share their configuration files.

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