StudioMix-Editor 3.0.44 for fadeOS 3.0 - New Editor 2023

05.03.2023: New editor version available for download. 32/64Bit. Reworked. Better.

fadeOS 3.0 - upgrade for the Peavey StudioMix

New version of the firmware upgrade with a lot of new features. An expansion kit consists of two chips (a preprogrammed microcontroller with the new firmware and an eeprom to store your configurations) and the appropriate editor software. The installation is very easy and turns the StudioMix to an extremely versatile equipment which can be used with most sequencers, synthesizers and a lot of other MIDI devices.

Basic features (since version 2.0):

New features (since version 3.0):



All problems known from the previous versions are fixed. In detail:

General informations:

The Peavey StudioMix was built for the controlling of the sequencer Cakewalk Professional. With its original firmware the StudioMix sends only so called NRPN (Non registered parameter Number) messages, which are normally incompatible to other software than Cakewalk. If you want to use it with other software and/or music instruments, one way is a piece of software which translates between the languages of your applications and the StudioMix. But the better way is to teach the StudioMix the language of your devices and applications, so no translator is necessary. Myself, i would like to have a translator in these minutes while i'm writing these lines...

As a side effect, there are a lot of improvements compared to the original firmware, which you can be aware of when reading the first part of this webpage.

The Upgrade...

... consists of a new firmware for the StudioMix and a suitable editor program running on pc's with the Microsoft Windows Operating System (TM). The editor lets you assign predefined or self defined messages to the buttons, knobs and faders of the StudioMix.

For example, you can assign MIDI volume messages to the faders, note on/note off messages to the bnuttons and Panorama to the rotary encoders. Or you define completely new messages, in order to control your hardware synthesizers directly, without the presence of a computer program.

System requirements

In order to be able to use the editor, you need a computer with Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Windows 11 and a usual MIDI interface.

A MacOS version of the editor is not in planning. You can use however the modified StudioMix in a MacOS environment, if you have configured it before with a PC running under Microsoft Windows (TM).

The installation...

... is simple: You only have to open the housing and exchange two components (EEPROM and MCU). Since both are plugged in sockets, the change of them is no problem. In the following picture the parts which have to be exchanged are underlaid in red.


Click on the link, in order to regard the complete documentation with examples:

Manual fadeOS V3.044 (pdf)

You need an Adobe Reader to open the document.

How much does it cost?

Please look here

How and where do I order the upgrade?

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Ready-to-use configuration files

Starting from version 2.0 storing and loading of as many as desired configurations is possible. The configuration files stored by the old version are compatible to version 3.0, one can use it further without problems. Version 1.0 saved its data into the registry, since version 2.0 the XML standard is used. Configurations can be send by email and be offered in the internet for download.

If you already created configuration files, which you would like to make available to other users, send them to my email address. They will be linked into the download section of my webpage. Tell me if you would like to publish your name and your email address or if you want to stay anonymous.

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